Malaysian officials detained a Mongolian-flag tanker ship

By Accidents

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) detained a little tanker ship on Friday December 28th, 2012 registered in Mongolia on suspicion of smuggling diesel out of Malaysia and selling it in nearby countries.
There are 4 Indonesian nationals who were arrested after 200,000 litres of diesel fuel was found to be on board the Prattahorn. Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency naval authorities put the value of the diesel fuel at RM3.6 m (US $1.2 m) even though it seems a very high figure.
Suspicions were aroused by соме members of the public who were witnesses of fuel transfer from road tankers to the vessel.
The vessel was detained by an MMEA patrol in Teluk Sengat, off Johor state. The tanker ship's owner hasn't been reported in the official statement and the vessel couldn't be found on the database.