Somali Pirates Attack a merchant vessel with RPG - 12 Arrested

By Piracy

EU Navfor French Frigate 'Surcouf' and NATO Warship 'USS Halyburton' work together to arrest 12 pirate suspects.
A merchant ship that was sailing 260 n.m. off the Somali Coast, made a warning call, informing that she was coming under attack by 6 men (pirate suspects) in a fast moving vessel, armed with rocket propelled grenades (RPG). Thankfully, having employed avoidance tactics, the merchant ship was able to evade the pirate attack.
Upon hearing the distress call from the merchant vessel, NATO warship USS Halyburton, operating as part of NATO’s counter piracy operation – Ocean Shield, and on patrol 80 n.m. away, released her helicopter and was able to promptly locate a suspect vessel – that was by now towing another ship, with some other men on board.
EU Navfor French Frigate Surcouf, operating as part of the EU’s counter piracy mission – Operation Atalanta, made its best speed to the zone, as a German EU Navfor Naval Patrol Aircraft kept watch overhead. Upon arrival, and in full collaboration with the NATO warship, the boarding team from Surcouf boarded the 2 suspect ships and caught 12 men in total. All 12 men are currently being held on board for evidence collection in order to fully assess the possibility of legal prosecution.