US Government Launches Probe – Beaufort & Chukchi Seas

By Finance

Ken Salaza, Secretary of the Interior announced a plan for the drilling program in the Beaufort & Chukchi Seas.
The review will be ready within 2 months.
Shell will take part in this plan with the Arctic Challenger, the other 2 drilling rigs Noble Discoverer and the Kulluk had some operational issues.
The review is consistent with the Administration’s commitment to safe and responsible exploration for energy resources in the Artic.
New energy sources are import for making the country independent from foreign oil and for making jobs at home. U.S. Administration will make all for exploring for potential resources in places like the Arctic. Research will show potential risk for the environment and for potential energy resources.
This review will be led by Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Director Tommy Beaudreau, chosen to be the Acting Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management.
Shell's safety management systems will be investigated to prove that they meet the strict standards in place for Arctic development.