Decommissioned ship collided with a tug and sinks off near Devon coast

By Accidents

The decommissioned ship, Moto Vessel Emsstrom, went under water after a collision whilst being towed by the tug Christos XXII.
The 8 crew members on board of the tug Christos XXII, containing up to 200 tonnes of diesel had to be rescued.
Team of divers repaired the hull of the tug (40cm) and was sent to Portland to be repaired. Christos XXII will be transported by the tug Brent.
The lives of the crew members were saved and not less important the environmental disaster was avoided.
The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) announced that the ship that sank had listed since striking the tug, but that it was without cargo and did not become a risk for the environment.
The tug slowed to check a problem with Moto Vessel Emsstrom and was struck on the port side.
The Christos had been traveling from Germany to Turkey when the incident occurred.