Windfarm construction ships need

By Finance

This year we will probably witness a time of fast growth in the windfarm construction ship market, information from the classification society Det Norske Veritas (DNV). The needed number of vessels by 2020 is 20, to meet Europe's anticipated growth in offshore wind capacity which is expected by the European Wind Energy Association.
A growth with this new green technology we will see in every 2 years. Wind farm installation ships are like different parts of offshore jack-up and cargo ship that is almost innovative to the maritime domain.
They carry out repeated work in restricted areas, but what is the difference with other offshore units are all the time in the move and needing jack-up operations on average every 2 days. In order to avoid bad weather they must react very quickly. They enter port to pick up windfarm components regularly and this equipment is growing in size as the industry moves more and more towards pre-fabrication of wind turbine units.
DNV issued class notations for offshore windfarm construction ships 4 years ago, and the classification society’s GeniE design and analysis software is believed used for development the hull structure for these ships.