Finished vehicle transportation company Neptune Lines has a reputation for fast and on-time deliveries. Keeping to schedule means the company’s fleet of Pure Car & Truck Carriers (PCTCs) must always be able to operate at top speed. Thanks to the Hempaguard hull coatings, Neptune Lines’ PCTCs can not only meet their delivery targets, but also consume less fuel and produce lower emissions.

Neptune Lines reduces fuel consumption and emissions with Hempaguard

For a vessel to be able to operate at top speed while maintaining fuel efficiency, its hull coating must deliver excellent hydrodynamics. As a company dedicated to green shipping, Neptune Lines was investigating which hull coating could best bring down its vessels’ fuel consumption and emissions, while still ensuring they can operate at top-speed when needed.

As part of these investigations, Neptune Lines decided to apply the Hempaguard X7 hull coating to its PCTC Neptune Dynamis in 2012. After the change, it quickly became apparent that Neptune Dynamis was out-performing the company’s other vessels in terms of fuel efficiency and emissions. As a result, the company soon switched other vessels in its fleet to Hempaguard.

Dr. George Kriezis, Technical Manager at Neptune Lines, comments: “Hempaguard X7 is clearly the best hull coating available in terms of fouling control. After seeing the performance and fuel savings on Neptune Dynamis, it was a simple choice to specify Hempaguard X7 for our other vessels.”

Source: Hempaguard