UPDATE: NTSB to provide an Investigative Update on the Seastreak Wall Street Ferry Incident

By Accidents

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) announced the following update on the still ongoing investigation into the 9th of January, 2013 incident in New York City where was involved the Seastreak Wall Street ferry vessel.
The engine industrialist arrived on-scene last Friday and investigative team was allowed to download alarm and further parametric data which is stored on engine control modules in every of the 2 engine compartments. Furthermore, investigators processed video from some cameras on board which is going to be analyzed.
Investigators also tested the ferry's steering systems on Friday and they were sufficient.
The investigators began conducting static testing of the major engines and control systems of the Seastreak Wall Street ferry vessel.
They also lead an underwater investigation of the ferry that revealed damage to the port propeller. A more comprehensive hull investigation is going to be conducted when the ship is hauled from the water for repairs. Also, at the request of the National Transportation Safety Board, the Army Corps of Engineers are going to conduct a bottom survey of the approach to Pier 11 to define if there are any underwater approach obstructions.
What's more, NTSB investigative team have made agreement with twenty-five of the injured travelers and conducted interviews with thirteen regarding what they observed during the ferry incident. There were conducted more witness interviews and investigative team is continuing to connect additional travelers from the ferry in order to obtain additional information over the accident.