Old chart caused a sailboat to run aground Off Emerald Isle

By Accidents

A capsized boat continue to crash along the shoals in Carteret County even after the 3 people on board were in trouble and needed to be saved. The sailboat is long 26 foot Selah ran aground about in the morning Wednesday. The man who owned the sailboat, Chris McHugh from Beaufort explained the Coast Guard that the reason for the crash was the old chart and was going through what he thought was a channel when he ran aground.
The Selah begin with taking on water off Emerald Isle in Bogue Inlet.
The Coast Guard did not have chance to save the sailboat, because going near it was quite dangerous.
Tim Ryan was on board and tied himself to the Coast Guard boat and jumped in the water to help.
The 3 men were tethered together in order to be rescued. Then the Coast Guard begin pulling them in.