VIDEO: UPDATE for BALTIC ACE and CORVUS J Collision: Missing Crew Member Found, Salvage Operations Suspended

By Accidents

Dutch police have found and identified the body that was found on 19th of December, 2012, 20 n.m. west of IJmuiden, as that of the thirty-one-year-old Polish 1st mate of the Baltic Ace, a RoRo ship which sank within minutes on the 5th of December, 2012 after she crashed into the container ship Corvus J.
The body of the victims was found by a fisherman and after that subsequently transported to the port by a rescue vessel and handed over to the police that established positive fingerprint identification.
There were eleven of total twenty-four crew members who were tragically killed as a result and only five bodies of the deaths were recovered shortly following the accident. The positive identification by police officials of the 1st mate marks the 6th body recovered.
Salvage operations are now suspended.
Svitzer Salvage spokesperson Cor Radings, reported that the recovery and removal of oil from the Baltic Ace vessel has been temporarily stopped.
“Due to the low temperature and bad weather conditions of the surrounding water the oils inside the vessel have solidified, the team of salvage professionals found out earlier this week. Samples which have been taken from the ship’s bunker tanks are evidence for that the oil should best be removed and stored at higher temperatures, meaning the method to remove the oil has to be observed.”
There are some options to raise the temperature of the oil. “One way is to insert hot water into the oil tanks, another way is to put a heating spiral.”
“The weather conditions at the scene are really harsh. Because of the high waves, the windows where may be worked are very small.” Cor Radings told it isn't unlikely that new operations are going to be pushed forward until weather conditions become better.
Whether Svitzer is going to be carrying out following operations is yet unknown. “In discussion with the owner and insurers of the Baltic Ace vessel the contract with Svitzer has been ended”, Radings stated. “They are 1st going to make a new evaluation before taking any further decisions and actions.”