Vessels sailing close to coast caused accidents

By Accidents

The rising number of sailing ship nearby Kerala coast is considered to be the major reason behind the recurring vessel-boat accidents in the area.
According to Indian Coast Guard authorities, as many as 1400 vessels were spotted close to the Kerala coast on the day M V Izumo crashed into a fishing vessel near Beypore coast. The ships sail closer to the shore for fear of pirate attacks in the Indian Ocean, a high risk area. On an average 2000 vessels pass through this area daily. "The merchant vessels, especially European ones, sail really close to the coast. Since large number of fishing vessels anchor in the area, there's a high chance of incidents happening at twenty to thirty nautical miles off the coast of Kerala. Approximately 8000 fishing vessels are usually present in the area.
There are some small country vessels with onboard engines that are very hard to spot from large vessels. Before 5 years, the number of sailing ships in the outer sea was just half of what it is today," told a Coast Guard spokesman.