VIDEO: Cruise ship's crew saves from death a distressed sailor

By Accidents

A man sailing round-the-world had big troubles in open sea and lucky for him he had been rescued by a cruise ship.
Alain Delord from France received help from the passenger ship MV Orion 380 nautical miles south-west of Hobart yesterday. Just minutes before the daylight to disappear the man was plucked by the cruise ship.
Delord was in a life raft adrift, he had to leave his yacht 2 days before and sent a signal for help. MV Orion had to change its itinerary and went to help the man. Alain was in good health and very happy after seeing that he will not die in the open sea.
He said that his boat had been crashed by a big wave. He left the yacht in order to save his life. He did not suffer from dehydration and did not have serious injuries.
Rescue operation was not so easy because there were wild winds and big waves.
Orion had 91 passengers onboard and they were going to visit Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic Islands. An aircraft successfully tracked the man in need and sent a signal to MV Orion.