Hallin Marine confirmed its Penrith ship sunk off Myanmar

By Accidents

Hallin Marine has confirmed that its ship Penrith met with how the company officials defined as "a major accident" off Myanmar last week and has sunk. All forty-two crew members onboard were saved, and there weren't any injured just 2 minor 1st-aid cases caused by the first impact.
In a press release, Hallin Marine stated all safety procedures were implemented and observed following the accident. "Our team for emergency responses is on site and is going to remain so until the situation has stabilised," informed the company.
"We're now convening an internal investigation with the assistance of 3rd-party specialists to find our exactly what occurred. Even though the fact that the investigation is still in progress to determine the full details on the accident, it initially appears that Penrith vessel hit a rock whilst moving at a speed of 10 knots offshore Myanmar."