Former pirates start anti-piracy campaign

By Piracy

Ex-pirate said that he starts a new life far away from piracy. Even a group of ex-pirates in central Somalia area started a campaign against piracy. The former pirates will make a tour around the areas with high pirate activity, regions like Galgadud and Mudug including Hobyo, Harardere and Gaan.
One of the pirates added that the group will go to the remote area of Harardere and Hobyo districts where ransoms from hijacked ships are paid to criminals. The group also said that their life now is better.

A key figure the former Somali pirate kingpin Mohamed Abdi Hassan, who is also named "Afweyne" is the leader the anti-piracy campaigners in these areas. At the beginning of this year several pirate leaders declared that they will retire from being criminals.
The Somali president issued a document proving that this group is taking part in counter-piracy activities.