European Union and maritime piracy

By Finance

European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) orginized a meeting under the moto "Maritime piracy: strengthening the EU response".
Piracy continues to be one of the most irritating problems for the maritime companies affecting consumers, businessmen, owners, taxpayers. Last year six people were killed and 448 were held hostage, the cost of piracy is estimated to 5.5-9.5 billion.
In this meeting was said that in 2008 the pirate activity rised off the coast of Somalia. EU took measures to fight the piracy then. The orginized EU Naval Force Somalia, named operation Atalanta was successuful with catching 117 pirates and nowadays EU are now holding thousands of pirates.
For making piracy disappear EU will work for more political stability in Somalia and the region, financial networks of the pirates has to be destroyed, the business from piracy has to be stopped.
Financial flows has to be interrupted with the help of Interpol, the World Bank and the UN.
European parliament is for "Blue Growth" and safe maritime world. Maritime economy is important for growth, jobs, and economic recovery in the EU.