World's first 0-emissions ship 'comes step closer'

By Finance

The world's 1st hydrogen-fuelled vessel has come a step closer. Shipping industry has to be responsible for the environment and needs to help greenhouse gas-reduction targets. It is expected that seagoing vessel will reduce with 3% all CO2 emissions in EU.
Shipping companies have to develop themselves new clean technology. Project "Zero" is an initiative for creating the 1st zero greenhouse gas emissions ship.
Scandlines, a Danish-German ferry company has a plan to design such a ship which will service a 100km distance between the 2 countries. The vessel will sail using the wind.
The CEO of Scandlines Soren Jensen said that the ship will use the generated electricity from not used night-time power from wind farms. The electricity will be used to create hydrogen stored in tanks and later distributing the needed power to the propellers and other needs of the ship to run properly.
This giant step will change the world.
The transport of any kind is making 25% of all greenhouse emissions in the EU.