EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Dive survey inspection of the sunken MV RENA

By Accidents

A dive inspection to conduct an external visual evaluation of the container vessel MV Rena's sunken stern section and its cargo has now been finished.
Early indications from the inspection gives indications that of the thirty-six remaining containers onboard of the vessel in the stern section carrying known contaminants, many have broken up and their contents have escaped since the container ship broke in 2 pieces and sank.
There were 3 containers, with cargo that were undamaged and have been recovered; 4 containers were retrieved but were empty of its content; another 7 container were recovered in pieces; the contents of the remaining twenty-two containers are presumed lost to sea.
John Owen, captain of The Swedish Club told: "We've scientists from the Cawthron Institute that work with the monitoring recovery team of the MV Rena container vessel in order to undertake additional sampling and testing of water and sediment samples.
"This is then going to confirm potential solutions to remediate contaminated zones, currently known to be in close proximity to the wreck."

The container vessel split in 2 pieces in early January 2012 and salvage operations prior to that had not been able to reach the containers as they were in the lower holds and inaccessible. Of the 1368 containers that were on the MV Rena container vessel at the time of the grounding, 1007 have been recovered.