As of today Thorco Projects and MC-Schiffahrt announce the creation of a new pool collaboration under the name MCT pool. The preliminary steps to the formation of the pool were taken back in November 2016 and have now become a reality. From the very beginning the pool will set sail with a considerable size. The new MCT pool consists of six 10,500 tons MPP vessels from MC-Schiffahrt and eight comparable vessels from Thorco Projects.

Thorco Projects and MC-Schiffahrt in New Pool Collaboration

"We are very proud and honoured to announce this new collaboration with MC-Schiffahrt", says Thomas Mikkelsen, CEO of Thorco Projects, and he continues "We are very pleased that MC-Schiffahrt has shown us this confidence, which needs to be highlighted in today’s shipping scene. We have a long and reliable relationship with MC-Schiffahrt over the years so it was natural for us to seize this opportunity to both enhance our collaboration and expand our fleet with the new MCT pool."

Mad Dabelstein, CEO/Partner of MC-Schiffahrt adds: "In the current market it’s crucial to find reliable and well positioned partners. Our vessels fit very well with Thorco Projects’ needs and commercially it’s a great advantage for us to be a part of Thorco Projects platform. So in many ways it’s a very good match."

Since the establishment of the MCT pool there have already been given indications that other parties are interested to join the new pool.

“It goes without saying, that this step is only the beginning. Hopefully the cooperation will lead to further common projects involving but not limited to an increasing amount of vessels being added to this pool.” says Mad Dabelstein, Thomas Mikkelsen agrees and adds, “We believe that we have a great platform in the market and we are delighted that there is already so much interest for our new pool.”

Source: Thorco Projects