9 missing, 6 dead after fishing ship capsized

By Accidents

On 27th of January, 2013, at 3.20 pm the fishing vessel Shans 101 capsized in the Sea of Japan 50 kilometers from the village of Svetlaya. The crew members was consisted of nineteen Russians and eleven Indonesians.
The ship had failed to contact at the allotted time, neither it succeeded send out any warning signal.
The emergency beacon of the fishing vessel didn't work.
At a request from the owner of the fishing ship, and An-24 plane of the Far Eastern centre for rescue operations was sent to the place.
It surveyed a region of 2,600 square n.m. There 2 other fishing ships in that region that also joined the rescue action. They searched a region of 280 square n.m.
Later, 3 more fishing vessels joined the rescue operation. At 10:30 pm the captain of the f/v "Talan" informed the rescue centre of Vladivostok that the crew members had spotted an overturned fishing ship.
After 20 minutes, the cargo ship "Anatoly Torchinov" found a life raft with 10 people on it.
They were all taken onboard the cargo vessel that was heading for the port of Kholmsk in the Sakhalin Region. The Anatoly Torchinov cargo ship informed to rescuing 6 Russian and 4 Indonesian seamen from the vessel. On the whole meanwhile fifteen surviving members of the crew, including the captain, are in safe-alive and 6 others are dead.
The fate of 9 men remained unknown to date. The search for the missing crew members was continued with 4 vessels and an airplane. The salvage tug boat Atlas sailed from the port of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. It was scheduled to participate a Mi-8 helicopter and a Be-200 airplane on 28th of January, 2013.