Crew members Escaped from Burning Fishing Vessel in UK

By Accidents

There are 2 crew members who escaped from their eleven-metre fishing boat ˜Hunter™ after it caught fire off Saltfleet Haven, near Mablethorpe.
The Rescue Coordination Centre of Yarmouth Maritime obtained a 999 call at 18:51 from the crew member of 2 brothers after they had taken to the life raft. The UK Coast Guard instantly requested the RNLI Inshore Lifeboat from Mablethorpe and the Coastguard Rescue Teams from Mablethorpe and Donna Nook to go to the scene of the accident. UK's Yarmouth Coastguard also broadcasted an alert to shipping in the zone asking them to help.
The 2 crew members were saved from their life raft by the Mablethorpe Inshore Lifeboat and transported them back to shore where they were provided medical attention. Both were later informed to be in a good health condition. The fishing vessel ˜Hunter™ has been left high and dry on a sand bank by the falling tide. She is remains burning and being observed by the Coastguard Rescue Team of Donna Nook.
It is believed that the fired fishing boat Hunter™ was around 1 n.m. off Saltfleet, heading out to sea, when she experienced engine problems. The boat was heading back to land when she caught fire so the crew members ran the ship on to a sandbank and took to the life raft. The main reason of the fire that engulfed the fishing boat appears to have been related to the engine fuel system.