3-D Printer Ship Model – Touch the Future

By Curious

Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Carderock finished a fabricated model of the hospital ship 'USNS Comfort'.
The piece-of-the-art 3-D printer, which is 1 of 4 in the United States, provides Carderock with the technology to produce large, complex ship models. Furthermore, the ship models need less assembly time and can be produced unattended, 24 hours a day.
What is this 3D printing technology?
This technology can be the future, creating an object by replicating the 3d computer blueprint.
3D printing technology is not a mirage, it is currently being used in industry to fabricate parts, structures and models for numerous applications," explained NSWC Carderock engineer Francisco "Paco" Rodriguez. "For more than a century, Carderock engineers have been at the forefront of technology in delivering ship models in order to build the Navy's future fleet. This next generation technology provides Carderock unprecedented capability to deliver fabricated ship models faster and at a more affordable cost for the Navy."
NSWC Carderock engineers and technicians upload computer-aided design (CAD) drawings of a ship model into the 3-D printer.
When the process of creating the model starts an epoxy resin is exposed to UV light, changing its state to a solid.
A wiper applies a coat of the liquid to a flat surface on the machine and the UV laser then goes along the shape of the part to be produced. Once it is in solid form, the wiper continuously applies additional coats of epoxy until the ship model is finished.
The process took 25 days but in near feature the time needed for this operation will be reduced.