Belgium Allows Private Security Guards on Ships

By Piracy

Many countries do not agree ships to be defended with private armed security guards which in case of pirate attack to protect the ship and its crew. Recent video showed that the rule: "The best defense is the attack " is effective. Effective – yes but this "pleasure" costs a lot.
Ship with armed people on board? Looking scary to others?
In the menace of the shadow of the piracy some countries like Belgium had to take a tough decision. There is now a law giving the owners an opportunity to defend their ship, they can take various measures to fight the maritime piracy, using private security on board is allowed now on Belgian flagged ships.
Now ship owners will be sure that their ship can safely pass through the zones with high pirate activity. Many other international and European flagged countries decided to make such a law, countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Luxemburg, Italy and Cyprus.