Ship transporting Airbus wings stuck on Dee estuary sandbank

By Accidents

The vessel Ciudad de Cadiz, which transports aircraft wings from Airbus in Flintshire to France, is now grounded on a Dee estuary sandbank after slipping its moorings in high winds.
People tried to refloat the Ciudad de Cadiz but did not have success and another try will be made later.
There are 23 people on board and they are safe. The ship is long 125m and 3 tugs needed to secure it information from Liverpool Coast Guard. The problem of the ship started off Mostyn port yesterday.
Airbus is thinking that there is nothing worrying in the incident. All safety measures are taken.
The ship had to take its cargo – Airbus wings from the port. There is no danger for the crew members. Even the Coast Guard informed that the ship is not in any danger, staying in one place on a soft sandbank, just have to wait until high tide and then the ship will be refloated.