Suez Canal Authorities to rise the transit fees for shipping

By Finance

The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) decided to lift transit fees for shipping by between 2% and 5% from 1 May
There will be a rise with 5% for tankers transporting crude products and chemicals, gas carriers and bulkers. We will see a rise with 2% for container vessels and car carriers. Other ship fees will rise with 3%.
This fee rise is for second time for over a year plus 3% general increase in March 2012. The Suez Canal Authority explained the rise with the growth of the world economy and global trade.
The route through the Suez Canal is not affected after Egypt announced a state of emergency in 3 cities(because of anti-government protests) along the Suez Canal – Port Said, Ismailia and Suez. Army of Egypt is in the place to be sure all vessels are safe to pass the Suez Canal. The political situation in the countrie is not stable and for that reason embarking/disembarking is postponed until the situation settles.
It is known that the Suez Canal is the main source of foreign money for Egypt plus tourism and oil exports. For 2012 earned almost $5bn in revenue.