Maersk proposes to EU Climate and Ozone Action

By Finance

Maersk Container Industry proposes for more serious enforcement of European environmental legislation with the goal for protection of the Earth’s ozone layer and for fighting climate change.
“We urge the European Commission to ensure enforcement of existing EU legislation regarding insulation foam in reefer containers,” explains Peter K. Nymand, CEO for Maersk Container Industry.
“This would benefit the environment, and it would help European innovation and environmental investments pay off,” Nymand says.
The legislation of the European Union bans importing and placing on the market reefer containers that could damage the climate and ozone layer. But many containers circulate in Europe's internal market.
Supotec(technology patented from Maersk that reduce the CO2) does no harm the Earth's ozone layer. This technology is good for the fight against climate change.
“This is environmental precaution. It is positive when enterprises, in this case Maersk Container Industry, move ahead of the legislation by developing products and production methods, which in turn make it possible for legislators to demand more from the rest of the industry,” explains John Nordbo, head of the Conservation Department at WWF, Denmark.