World's largest container ship Emma Maersk faces leakage in Suez Canal

By Accidents

According to the official page of , container ship of Maersk faced mechanical issues at the northern entrance of the Suez Canal on February 1, 2013.
Maersk confirmed that all people of the crew members are safe and that the container ship has been berthed in Port Said East SCCT in Egypt. She is now alongside quay being discharged. Also, port authorities confirmed that vessel traffic through the Suez Canal wasn't affected of the accident. The situation is already under control.
The Director of the Suez Canal Authority stated that the vessel's leakage occurred after it hit a propeller. He also said that the Suez Canal response by sending a locomotive was instant.
Emma Maersk, was launched in 2006 and she is the largest container vessel ever built, with a TEU capacity of 14,770 and measuring 397 meters, or about 1,300 feet.