CBP stops Asian Gypsy Moths at Port of Tacoma

By Accidents

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) stopped a dangerous infestation of Asian Gypsy Moth egg masses on a cargo ship at the Port of Tacoma days ago. Agian Gypsy Moth (AGM) is a serious menace to forests and urban landscapes. The bug attacks more than 500 species of trees and many other plants.
AGM adults are going where the lights is on, like seaports at night. The threat to lay their eggs and destroy the environment could spread fast. Adult female moths can fly up to 25 miles.
Agriculture specialists from US Customs and Border Protection inspect thousands of ships, searching for exterior vessel surfaces problems. The target of the specialists was an empty bulk grain carrier that had been in East Asia. Egg masses were found in many places on the ship. Some samples were gathered and sent to US Department of Agriculture laboratory in Massachusetts for investigation.
The infested vessel is a potential risk and had to move to international waters to be cleaned. After the cleaning process the ship came back and was reinspected and freed to load cargo in Tacoma.