MV Blida Crew Members Win in Somali Pirate Vessel Case

By Accidents

The vessel which was hijacked by pirates of Somalia and held in captivity for almost a year was sold at US$1,000,000 following a petition by the crew members.
The forsaken crew members, consisted ten Ukrainian and three Kenyans that served in the vessel which was ferrying 19,000 metric tonnes of clinker to Tanzania. A court in Mombasa gave the seamen orders to sell the vessel after losing contact with the ship owners after offloading their property.
In a sworn affidavit by Divosky Igor, who was the captain of the vessel, the crew members claim an accumulated salary of US$200,000 from proceeds of the sale.
Divosky Igor stated that they had gone without proper food and provisions from the vessel owners for some months and have asked the court to stop them from receiving the sale proceeds.
The seamen through lawyer Ananda Manase stated they weren't able to serve defendants with subpoena when they appeared before Justice Maureen Odero yesterday.
Odero directed the applicants to serve the defendants by e-mail and extended the interim orders stopping the payment of proceeds. Hearing was set for 11th of February, Monday.