5 people died when lifeboat fell from Thomson Majesty cruise ship - Canary Islands

By Accidents

5 people died and 3 more are injured during emergency drill on Thomson Majesty current position on Santa Cruz, La Palma.
According to official information the lifeboat fell from the ship. Thomson Majesty is a cruise ship operated by a British holiday company named Thomson. Crew members had to go to the dock but had fallen from the cruise ship. People should avoid sitting in lifeboats being lowered during drills. There is no information why the boat "killer" fell from between 20-30 metres into the water.
In that moment on board the cruise ship Thomson Mjesty were 2000 passengers. It is known that lifeboat drills are dangerous. Andrew Linington explained: "We've had this happen so often and the industry has moved lamentably slowly to deal with the problem. There's been research which suggests that more people are dying in lifeboat drills than are being saved by lifeboats. It's that serious.
"The death toll has been such that we advise our members: if you're doing a drill the drill is about raising and lowering the lifeboats. It shouldn't be about people actually getting into them. We advise them to do it without people in the lifeboats."
Previous similar accidents showed that the reasons for such an accidents are: heights, corroded equipment, poor maintenance, poor crew training. Usually safety on cruise ships is at high level but accidents can happen even if all safety measures are taken.