Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery & Engine Co., Ltd. (MHI-MME), has achieved 50 units of deliveries on the retrofit propeller since 2013.

Since 1904, when MHI-MME started the propeller production in Japan, MHI-MME has continued producing and developing high performance propellers on the basis of a proven track record, which now extend over 100 years and the production record is over 5,000 units.

MHI-MME achieved 50 units of retrofit propeller deliveries

Mitsubishi Advanced Propellers Mark-W - Image courtesy of MHI-MME

The retrofit propeller is designed for slow steaming conditions by the limitation of engine load and MHI-MME shows the large effects for the improvement of fuel efficiency with applying the suitable design for slow steaming. Moreover, MHI-MME applies the design for the retrofit propeller to Mitsubishi Advanced Propellers (MAP) Mark-W, which propeller was launched in 2010 and can improve the propeller efficiency without sacrificing cavitation margin.

MHI-MME mainly supplies the retrofit propellers to the large container carrier in which the slow steaming is applied and the efficiency improvement is expected, and also supplies them to the LNG carrier and Tanker. The delivery record includes not only Japanese ship owners' but also overseas ship owners' projects. Additionally, MHI-MME carries out the evaluation of the propeller efficiency improvement after propeller retrofitting and confirmed that the propeller efficiency improvement in a certain vessel reached about 8%, up to the limitation of engine load.

Furthermore, when retrofitting a propeller, MHI-MME also proposes to buy the propeller currently installed on the customer's vessel, thereby offering an opportunity for customers to reduce their initial investment. In particular, when the vessel is docked at Chinese shipyard, Changzhou Zhonghai Marine Propeller Co., Ltd. (CZZH), a licensee of Marine propeller of MHI-MME can buy the propeller currently installed on the customer's vessel from the customer.

MHI-MME will continue to propose the retrofit propeller for the needs of slow steaming.

Source: MHI-MME