Carnival Triumph Update: Passengers for Conditions onboard: "Red Bags for Toilets"

By Accidents

The owner of the damaged Carnival Triumph cruise ship, Carnival Cruise Line announced that some of the main supplies, services and functionalities onboard the cruise ship have been restored but the liner is still adrift in Gulf of Mexico. Carnival also reported that some power in the Lido dining venue is operational as well as some parts of the sewage system, the system of the fresh water and limited service of the lifts.
Here are some samples of Cruise Critic members that have heard from their friends and family onboard the damaged Carnival Triumph cruise ship:
*** Clinty76 (10th of February, 2013 / 6:56 p.m.) – Latest update from my wife aboard the cruise liner. "We are about to get supplies from another cruise vessel and obviously the tug vessels should be here tomorrow around the afternoon. Who know how long it is going to take to return to Galveston. We don't have power AT ALL, and it means we can not wash our hands, take a shower or even use the toilets."
*** jgomila198101 (10th of February, 2013 / 7:07 p.m.) – My sister just phoned me. They have got a lot of food; they are all perfect but does not look like they are going to be back until Wednesday night. Said they are still having fun.
*** Morehouse14 (February 11, 8:47 a.m.) – I know 4 persons aboard this cruise liner, 1 of which is my wife. I have been connected with her and the others. The cruise company says they are running on emergency generators… there aren't lights or running water onboard. Cabins have no even power. They should use bags and/or the shower to go to the bathroom. It is hot with no air moving below deck. They want everybody to stay in the public or open zones of the vessel.
*** Morehouse14 (11th of February, 2013 / 1:28 p.m.) – Just got a message from my wife aboard the cruise ship. They are being served hamburgers and salads from another cruise vessel which is alongside. Lines are taking 2 plus hours to get through to get food and drink.
*** okiecruzer (11th of February, 2013 / 1:36 p.m.) – Just talked to my mom who is on the Triumph cruise ship now. She told me that they would be back to Galveston Thursday or Friday (may be).
*** Dbogusch (11th of February, 2013 / 2:02 p.m.) – Just talked to a coworker is on that cruise. She messaged her boss this afternoon. She told there are very long lines for food and bathrooms. Some rooms running out of toilet paper. She told the cruise vessel is hot and people are cranky. She expects to be home Thursday or Friday.
*** Wmiller86 (11th of February, 2013 / 2:11 p.m.) – My wife and three of her friends are now on the Triumph ship… My wife could phone me Sunday night for a few minutes while Carnival Elation was alongside. My wife said that it was pretty scary during the fire evacuation… She added that they were permitted back down into the cabins after awhile, but it's so hot that you can not even sleep down there. So they had set up a makeshift tent over deck loungers to sleep in. At the time I spoke to here, there weren't even toilets. They were using little red bags. And no running water, no lights, except emergency lighting.
She also told it was already pretty miserable. No hot food and no alcohol being served. There was still ice being served in soft drinks. None of the shops were open.
*** okiecruzer (11th of February, 2013 / 2:22 p.m.) – My parents just told me that there is no power still, no toilets… , no meat. They slept on the deck last night (no tent, just open air) and they are probably going to do so for the next 2 nights. They told that they are doing this by choice – they booked an inner room without a window. They told there's no coffee or juice, only water. My dad told me they were serving "hamburgers." He had 1 made just of cheese slices and another with only coleslaw, no meat on either. All alcohol service has been cut off.
*** Dbogusch (11th of February, 2013 / 2:36 p.m.) – Another update from coworker aboard Triumph. People are slowly being let into their cabins but its stifling hot below decks. The "hamburgers" being served are meatless. Very limited hot food. Only water to drink.
*** LynnA (11th of February, 2013 / 4:28 p.m.) – We just got a message from daughter-in-law. She told that she was miserable but no worries.