In response to seasonal demand changes in the Asia–Latin America market, APL is aligning its services and capacity accordingly. For the next three months, the East-West services in APL’s Latin America network will be temporarily adjusted as follow: 

APL Announces Seasonal Rationalisation of Latin America Service Network

Asia Latin American Express (ALX)

Connecting Asia with the ports of South America West Coast, APL’s ALX service will adjust its port rotation to the following:

Keelung – Hong Kong – Yantian – Xiamen – Ningbo – Yangshan – Busan – Manzanillo, MX – Callao – Iquique – Puerto Angamos – Valparaiso – Keelung

The first sailing of the adjusted ALX service will commence from Keelung on 25 March 2017.

Asia South America Service (ASA)

A weekly direct service from South and Central China and from main Asia hubs to key ports in Mexico, Colombia and West Coast South America, APL’s ASA service will expand its port coverage of the Latin America markets with the following port rotation:

Yangshan – Xiamen – Shekou – Hong Kong – Kaohsiung – Busan – Manzanillo, MX – Lazaro Cardenas – Balboa – Buenaventura – Callao – San Antonio – Coronel – Lirquen – Puerto Angamos – Callao – Lazaro Cardenas – Manzanillo, MX – Busan

The first sailing of the revised ASA service will commence from Yangshan on 27 March 2017.

Mexico Asia Express (MAX)

APL’s MAX service provides a weekly direct service from Central and North China, Korea and Japan to key ports in Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador. The MAX service will broaden its Latin America port coverage with the following port rotation:

Qingdao – Ningbo – Yangshan – Busan – Yokohama – Ensenada – Manzanillo, MX – Lazaro Cardenas – Balboa – Buenaventura – Guayaquil – Balboa – Lazaro Cardenas – Manzanillo, MX – Ensenada – Yokohama – Busan

The first sailing of the adjusted MAX service will commence from Qingdao on 24 March 2017.

While service adjustments will be made where necessary, APL remains committed to offering a variety of services between Asia and Latin America with excellence in service reliability and unparalleled customer service.

Source: APL