Worst Oil Spill Update: The captain of Cosco Busan is suing the USCG

By Accidents

The captain of the cargo vessel Cosco Busan departing in San Francisco under the name of Hanjin Venezia who is blamed for the accident in San Francisco Bay that caused an oil leakage, is now suing the USCG to reinstate his license. The pilot of the cargo ship Cosco Busan crashed into the Bay Bridge in 2007 and caused the worst oil spill in 2 decades.
Captain of the cargo ship Cota is 65-year-old and served ten months in prison for water-pollution violations when officials determined that he was impaired by prescription drugs, ignored safety precautions and sailed his vessel too fast for weather conditions when the cargo vessel Cosco Busan hit into a tower of the Bay Bridge.
The fuel leakage from a gash in the vessel's hull deposited oil on 69-miles of coastline, closed fisheries and killed over 6,800 birds.