Bulgaria boat sank due to officials’ negligence

By Accidents

On july 10, 2011 the riverboat Bulgaria sank in the Kuibyshev water reservoir, the ship sank in a minutes, a 122 were killed and only 79 were rescued. Russia’s Investigative Committee has finished the investigation of the tragic incident. The criminal case was total 90 volumes. There were around 200 victims in the incident more than 1000 people were questioned.
There was investigation about the ship's navigation, engineering and technical forensic examination for a period from August 2011 to March 2012. The expertise showed that the suspects are the captain of the boat Ramil Khametov, substenant Svetlana Inyakina, expert at the Russian River Register Yakov Ivashov, and 2 officers of Rostransnadzor Vladislav Semenov and Irek Timergazeev.
It is known now that the ship sank for several reasons like negligent actions of officials of supervising bodies and institutions taken while preparing the boat for sailing and during its operation.