Svitzer has signed a contract with Sanmar to purchase a newbuild 80 tbp ASD escort tug for Southampton, strengthening its fleet to meet current and future customer requirements and re-emphasising its commitment to the port of Southampton. The new Sanmar-built Robert Allan-designed vessel – RAstar 2800 Class ASD Escort vessel – has been specifically chosen for her manoeuvrability and reliability. The tug will be named Svitzer Adira, a name with connotations of strength and power. She will join the fleet in Southampton in early May.

Svitzer Purchases Newbuild 80 TBP ASD Escort Tug Strengthening The Fleet In Southampton

Robert Allan-designed RAstar 2800 Class ASD Escort vessel - Image courtesy of 

The RAstar 2800 design is principally intended to provide significantly enhanced escort towing and is configured for demanding escort operations and maximum efficiency in handling large vessels in confined spaces. She is powered by two Caterpillar main engines producing 2525 kw and is FIFI 1 compliant.


Svitzer currently operates a fleet of five modern tugs in Southampton with varied bollard pull ranging from 60 – 80 tbp, deploying a number of different propulsions including ASD, ATT and Voith. The Svitzer Adira will add extra flexibility and versatility to Svitzer’s operation and will replace Svitzer Sarah.

Over the course of the last two years, Svitzer has shown a strong commitment to the port of Southampton: The newbuilds Svitzer Eston and Svitzer Bargate, each 65 tbp, joined the port in early 2015. The fleet is specifically geared to the port of Southampton with short powerful tugs required to manoeuvre the large vessels within the tight layout of the port.

Svitzer Europe Managing Director, Kasper Friis Nilaus, says, “Being one of the biggest and busiest ports in the UK, the Port of Southampton frequently receives some of the largest container vessels which requires high performance tugs to turn around these ships within the limited berthing space. With 80 tonnes bollard pull and enhanced escort capabilities, the Svitzer Adira has been ordered and built ready to serve the needs of our customers in the Port of Southampton.”

Source: Svitzer