Chase of Suspected drug smugglers: 2 arrested, 1 missing

By Accidents

Officials of the USCG are stressing the threats connected with maritime smuggling after a comprehensive search for a suspected drug-smuggler finished close to Ponto State Beach in Carlsbad, Tuesday.
Another 2 suspected smugglers of drug were arrested and treated for hypothermia after the trio jumped from a panga as it neared the beach and tried to flee when agents of the Border Patrol the ship.
"What's more to breaking the law, the drug smugglers and illegal migrants are attempting extreme risks when they try to cross into the US by the maritime route," stated Capt. Sean Mahoney, who is commander of coast guard Sector of San Diego. "These attempts are usually done in unseaworthy ships with minimal regard for safety conditions. The passengers aboard face exposure to the elements, capsizing and potential drowning."
Although the extensive law enforcement attendance on the coast and a ten-hour search by air and surface crew members from the USCG, Customs and Border Protection, San Diego lifeguards and San Diego's department of County Sheriff , the 3rd suspect wasn't discovered and is believed dead.
"Any loss of a human life is a tragedy, despite being a smuggler or not" Mahoney told. "Had this been a panga with twenty or thirty migrants aboard, this tragedy might have been multiplied many times."
Since 2010, 9 human lives have been lost during 7 distinct smuggling attempts.