Carnival Triumph UPDATE: Diesel Fuel Leaking caused the Accident

By Accidents

NTSB and the USCG conducted an investigation into the circumstances of the fire onboard the cruise ship Carnival Triumph.
The reason of the accident of Carnival Triumph is leaking of diesel fuel from the engine which ignited and caused the situation onboard the ship.
USCG informed that because the cruise ship Carnival Triumph is a Bahamian flagged ship, the Maritime Authority of Bahamas is the primary investigative agency. In accordance with international guidelines, the United States is going to participate in this investigation as a Marine Safety Investigative State.
The members of the USCG from both the Investigations and Cruise Vessel Centers of Expertise, together with a representative from the USCG Marine Safety Center are going to conduct the US investigation joined by a team of 5 investigators from the NTSB Office of Marine Safety and the Office of Research and Engineering. The aim of the investigation is to determine causal and contributing factors that led to the accident. Additionally both the crew response and effectiveness of fire fighting systems are going to be evaluated to support prevent future accidents.
Results of the investigation are going to be announced to the public once the investigation by the Bahamas Maritime Authority is finished.