EU Naval Force Intercepts 9 Suspected Pirates Off Somalia

By Piracy

Piracy in the area of Nigeria and Gulf of Guinea continues to bother maritime world. Operation Atalanta led by European Union Naval Force (EUNAVFOR) Somalia has made the Indian ocean a safer place but the pirates are there - ready to attack.
Yesterday(February 19) the HNLMS De Ruyte detected 2 suspected pirate boats 120 n.m. east of Eyl off the coast of Somalia.
The Dutch frigate was searching for suspected activity in the area when a merchant vessel off the coast of Somalia reported a danger. With the help of a helicopter were found 2 skiffs. The pirates had to split in order to avoid the frigate but without success. The first skiff was stopped by the Dutch frigate and the second skiff was followed by a helicopter a stopped later by the EU Naval Force flagship ESPS Mendez Nunez.
There were 9 suspected pirates and they are now detained onboard HNLMS De Ruyter for investigation.