Piracy Update: Nigerian Pirates want US$1.3 Million Ransom for the Freedom of Kidnapped Seafarers

By Piracy

Pirates that kidnapped 6 foreign seamen from an oil servicing ship off the Nigerian coast on February 17, 2013 are demanding 200 million naira (US$1.3 million) for their freedom, reported Nigerian police officials on Tuesday.
Nigerian gunmen stormed the vessel Armada Tuah 40 n.m. off the coast of oil-producing Bayelsa state and kidnapped 1 Russian, 3 Ukrainian and 2 Indian seafarers.
The hijacked ship is owned by Nigeria-based oil servicing company Century Group, reported the spokesman of Bayelsa police department, Fidelis Odunna. The company didn't respond to calls for comment.
“One of the gunmen called to demand the sum of the ransom … efforts are in progress to catch the pirate attackers,” Odunna said in a statement, adding that 9 Nigerian crew members had been abandoned onboard by the pirates.