VIDEO: Japanese Whaling Vessel Strikes Back, Crashed into Sea Shepherd Fleet

By Accidents

Anti-whaling activists emerged on Wednesday for Australia to dispatch a naval ship to the Southern Ocean after a confrontation where they reported a Japanese whaling vessel crashed into 2 of their protest ships, damaging their flagship.
“The Nisshin Maru has rammed the Steve Irwin and the Bob Barker, but both ships continue to hold their positions,” the founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Paul Watson, which runs the protest vessels, told in a press release.
Paul Watson’s side of the story can be found HERE
Paul Watson also accused Japanese coastguard crew members of throwing concussion grenades at their protest vessels during a confrontation in the frigid waters near Antarctica and added that the Bob Barker ship was taking on water in its engine room.
Australian officials stated it was confirming the report of the accident. Neither the Japanese government nor its whaling authority promptly responded to the account of clash to Sea Shepherd.
In the accident, the anti-whaling activists had been trying to prevent an 8,000-tonne Japanese factory vessel re-fuelling from a tanker ship when the accident occurred, stated the director of Sea Shepherd, Bob Brown.