Salvage Operation of Costa Concordia: 1st Sea Bottom Platforms Installed

By Curious

On February 9, 2013 at the periodical meeting of the Observatory with the community of Giglio, president Maria Sargentini, accompanied by the managers of Costa Concordia, Rome La Sapienza University researchers and Titan/Micoperi Consortium experts, updated the local population on recovery actions and described the progress being made on the characterisation of water inside the wreck.
During this meeting, it was stated that the 1st sub-sea platforms have already been mounted.
All the scheduled operations are proceeding without respite: the sea bottom platforms that remained have been made at the yards of Rosetti and Cimolai, ready for carriage to Giglio Island and installation; 35 per cent of the special cement mattresses have been positioned and filled, while the 1st fifteen flotation caissons produced by Fincantieri are ready and are soon going to reach the logistics base of the Consortium. In parallel, onshore work is nearly complete to position the remaining eight retention system anchor blocks.
The 1st characterisation of the water inside the wreck started last November, following the termination of tests by ARPAT, with the purpose of obtaining detailed information for characterisation aims. So far none of the tests performed by ARPAT has displayed any clear alterations of the water outside the wreck that continues to be be notably clean, as is the case all around the Giglio Island.