18-months sentence for the Ukrainian captain who killed 18 crew members

By Accidents

The captain of Ukraine who was involved in a shipping accident in 2008 where died 18 people, Yuriy Kulemesin should serve the sentence of 18-months on the charges which were related to endangering life of the people aboard, ruled the court on its final appeal.
This sentence of 18-months upheld the Court Appeal judgement from the last year on 1 oh the deadliest maritime disasters of Hong Kong.

Yuriy Kulemesin was captain of the oil rig supply vessel Neftegaz-67 that capsized and it caused her to sink, after Neftegaz-67 crashed into the bulk carrier Yao Hai off Lantau Island on the 22nd of March, 2008, taking 18 victims, all from the vessel's crew members.
After Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma Tao-li rejected Kulemesin's appeal against conviction he told that Capt. Kulemesin would have to “serve the remainder of his 18-months sentence”.
The open water where the collision occurred as the defence team of Kulemesin claimed in Brothers Islands was
refuted in a 99-page judgment. Evidence show that the collision occurred in a narrow channel.
The 2 ships were following distinct navigation rules because, while the oil rig supply ship’s officers thought they were in open water, Yao Hai’s believed they were in a narrow channel.
Capt. Yuriy Kulemesin, that was present in court, was instantly taken to the cells.