Old cruise ship Lyubov Orlova detected 2,400 km from Ireland

By Vessels

The story...
US Intelligence Agency informed that the abandoned, adrift and old cruise ship Lyubov Orlova has been detected in the North Atlantic. There are no crew members no warning lights, for the first time from 8 weeks the location of the vessel is known 49-22.70N and 044-51.34W.
An update from analyzes of satellite imagery by the Intelligence Agency is listed in a "Daily Memorandum Atlantic Edition" showed the location of the ghost cruise ship.
Lyubov Orlova had left Canada's shores on January 23 and had to be scrapped in Dominican Republic. But accident with a snapped cable left the ship adrift.
Canada officials explained that the owner had to be responsible for the movement of the cruise ship. Now the vessel is slowly going towards Europe, having drifted at least 800 kilometers (435 nautical miles) toward the European coastline.