New technology and expanded acreage targets Sweden’s forestry and machinery exports

APM Terminals Gothenburg has announced a new service designed to accelerate and improve Sweden’s supply chains in the forestry and steel export sectors. As part of the company’s SEK 250 million container terminal investment plan, a new specialized facility within APM Terminals Gothenburg will enable bulk cargoes arriving by truck or rail to be loaded into a container in less than a minute, using proven LoadPlate technology.

APM Terminals Gothenburg introduces new supply chain services

APM Terminals Gothenburg - Image courtesy of APM Terminals

“Wood and steel are large, important and price sensitive exports for Sweden. Working closely with our clients, we designed a supply chain service that makes the conversion from bulk cargo into containers in a faster, easier, safer method than using conventional fork lifts.

“The yearly export volumes of sawn timber is approximately 13 million cubic meters, which corresponds to 280,000 containers annually, stated APM Terminals Gothenburg Chief Commercial Officer, Morten Brühl. “When we combine our new supply chain service with our waterside offerings which include the most port calls of any Scandinavian container terminal, including direct liner service to both Asia and the USA, we open up tangible, new business opportunities for Scandinavia.”

The new supply chain services performed at APM Terminals Gothenburg are in cooperation with Mimab, an industrial services company, who will manage the container freight station.

Source: APM Terminals