Cunard's Cruise Liner and Tug Vessel Bump in New Zealand

By Accidents

A tug vessel, reportedly "packed with pleasure seekers," bumped into the cruise ship Queen Elizabeth owned by Carnival Cruises, while the luxury cruise liner was docked at port of Wellington on the 23rd of February, 2013. There were no injured people.
The accident happened midafternoon while the tug boat, carrying fifty passenger onboard, was maneuvering alongside the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship. The funnel of the tug boat hit the cruise liner's docking platform. But while debris fell onto people on the tug boat, nothing more serious than a small cut was informed.
Cunard Cruise Line stated: "While our cruise ship Queen Elizabeth was alongside in the port of Wellington, New Zealand on the 23rd of February, 2013 a tug boat made contact with the liner," told the Cunard's manager of public relations, Jackie Chase." The cruise ship Queen Elizabeth left port of Wellington as planned."
Maritime New Zealand and the marine authorities of port of Wellington are investigating the accident.