Professional Negligence of Captain Caused 1 Man's death and Collision

By Accidents

China's news agency reported that the captain of the Taiwanese cargo ship Wan Hai, who was involved in the collision with the 2 fishing boats in waters of Osaka Bay, western Japan has been arrested Tuesday by the Coast Guard of Japan on suspicion of professional negligence that resulted death of 1 seafarer and another went missing.
The 64-year-old Taiwanese captain of the cargo ship Wan Hai was arrested with a local pilot by the fifth Regional Coast Guard Headquarters in Kobe City following the collision that occurred on Monday and left 1 seafarer of the fishing vessels dead, while another crew member went missing.
The reported information cited the Japanese Coast Guard Authorities as saying that the cargo ship's captain has been suspected of neglecting the act of keeping watch on board the cargo vessel that may have recognized the 10-ton fishing vessels by means of its radar and reduced the speed of the ship in the bay.
The Japanese Coast Guard is still searching for the missing 1 crew member in the sea region, about 5 kilometers off an artificial island in which Kansai International Airport is situated, on Tuesday.
You can find the initial information on the accident HERE.