On Tuesday (May 2), for the first time in many years, Jewometaal Stainless Processing B.V., part of the German ELG Haniel Group, started shipping scrap material to the Far East in bulk again rather than by container.

Jewo opts for bulk shipping of stainless steel to Asia from the Port of Rotterdam

“We always look for the best way to ship our cargoes. This is now the best solution.”

After 15 years, Jewo is once again opting for a bulk carrier to ship cargo to the Far East. One reason is the high container price.

“Choosing bulk carriers means that cargo stakeholders have a good way to ship their scrap flows again”, says Jewometaal Operations Manager Eric Oosterom.

Scrap to the Far East

"We do ship a great deal of bulk cargo, but mainly within Europe. Ships aren’t queuing up to carry scrap to the Far East." Nevertheless, Jewo saw Chipolbrok and Sinepol Shipping and Agency as the ideal parties to organise a scheduled service to the Far East. ‘We are very happy with this solution", Oosterom says.

More cargo via Rotterdam

In this way, Jewo and Chipolbrok aim to make more frequent shipments between Rotterdam and Asia. "We are very happy with this option for now", Oosterom says. "But we cannot see into the future." Oosterom is most impressed by the solution-oriented attitude of shippers, shipping companies and consignees: "Together, we are flexible. And in that way, we can realise shared goals."

Source: Port of Rotterdam