Project SCALE of INTERPOL to combat illegal fishing

By Curious

Up to $23 trillion a year are the costs of the global economy caused by illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing. This is caused by the illegal fishermen that exploit the lack of supervision and lack of resources which might ensure fishery legislations which is being supported, especially in developing countries. The new project of INTERPOL SCALE is aiming to help fight illegal fisheries.
"This project is a very important part of a proposed global system to avoid fisheries crime," told the executive vice president at Pew, Joshua Reichert, who leads the environmental work of the organization.
"This kind of illegal fishing is a threat for the interests of legitimate fishermen community worldwide and undermines the capacity of the global community to properly manage fisheries in ways that are going to ensure a healthy future for this vitally important resource."
Pirates, holding their catches hidden also take use of money laundering, tax fraud and tax evasion, and thus it's a wicked criminal circle which illegal fishing stuck in, in several parts of the world.
"SCALE project is a natural extension of the joint efforts of INTERPOL to safeguard species and habitat through efficient enforcement," stated the manager of Environmental Crime Programme of INTERPOL, David Higgins,.
"With the worldwide network capacity of INTERPOL and intelligence-led enforcement, we are going to contribute to a more concentrated and coordinated global effort to fight transnational and organized illegal fishing", added Higgins.
SCALE is going to work on rising awareness of illegal fishing crime and its consequences, collaboration across borders, increased monitoring etc.