Pirates Freed 6 Kidnapped seamen seized from Armada Tuah

By Piracy

The kidnapped 6 seamen by armed pirates on the 17th of February, 2013 from the 2,147gt tug/supply ship off Nigeria have been freed safe without a any ransom being paid, reported the police authorities.
“All the 6 kidnapped foreign hostages (were) freed Monday evening in a good health condition. According to the police report there wasn't paid any ransom for their freedom.
Onboard the Armada Tuah ship were 2 Russians, 3 Ukrainians and 1 Indian seamen when she was seized by gunmen pirates nearly 65 kilometres off the Brass oil-producing area of Bayelsa state.
The security forces of Nigeria and the companies targeted in such attacks rarely reveal further details about ransoms, even though it is widely believed many oil workers kidnapped in the Niger Delta area have been freed following a payment.