Update on Grounded USS Guardian

By Accidents

The funnel of the USS Guardian has been removed, mast section to be lifted off next.
As conditions of the weather seem to be good near Tubbataha Reef, salvaging operation of the grounded USS Guardian along a portion of the UNESCO World Heritage reef continues as the team is not preparing for level 2, section lifting.
Commodore Enrico Efren Evangelista, Palawan district commander and chief of Task Force Tubbataha from the Philippine Coast Guard told that the operations currently on-going for the clearing of equipments below weather deck as well as the removal operation of sonar that at the bow, while the team is already done with lifting of the funnel section.
He also told that before the team engaged with the salvage operation is going to proceed with level-2 section lifting, they are first going to lift the mast section as well as relocating the reference beacons of JASCON-25 and the operation of recovered items from USS Guardian to tug vessel Archon Tide.
Ships currently present together the salvaging site includes JASCON-25, SMIT Borneo crane barge, USNS Salvor, USNS Safeguard, USNS Wally Schirra, M/Tug boat Archon Tide, M/Tug Intrepid, M/Tug boat Trabajador-1 and Barge S-7000 of the Malayan Towage and PCG vessel BRP-Pampanga.
Evangelista also assured the public that the team of salvage operation continues the clearing of loose materials in the grounded USS Guardian to avoid further damage to the reef.