Somali pirates offered amnesty deal

By Piracy

Somalia's pirates could be freed if they take a decision to release captured people and to take back to its owners captured ships said the transitional president Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.
More than a thousand pirates could be released if they decide to stop with crimes.
The government will give a second chance for those willing to change their life.
Sharif, who is competing for the presidency with parliament speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan, was in a UN report report leaked earlier last month that called for corrupt leaders to face Security Council sanctions.
The report contained information that Sharif had granted a diplomatic passport to pirate ringleader Mohamed Abide Hassan as an inducement to wind down his network.
Sharif defended himself and explained that this information was "absolutely false". The United Nations statistics shows that pirate hold 245 hostages and at least 7 ships.
Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali explained that pirates would not "get away with murder".